November 2 Meeting: Intermediate deep sky astrophotography techniques.

The featured presentation for our November 2 meeting will emphasize intermediate level astrophotography using a portable imaging setup.
Topics covered will include:
– Uunderstanding image noise and the importance of long exposures and dark sky,
– Why to guide?
– Choosing a scope, mount (from barn door tracker to GEM) and camera (DSLRs vs CCDs, Color vs Monochrome, camera settings)
– Useful accessories (power supply, computer, focusing aid tools, filters, software etc).
– Choosing objects for imaging.
– A brief introduction to image processing.
Our meetings beginning at 7:30 pm, are held at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, 411 Susquehanna Road, Ambler (19002). Meetings are open to the public; if you have an interest in or curiosity about amateur astronomy, please join us.