October 7 Monthly Meeting: Black Holes!

October 7:   Our featured presentation is BLACK HOLES! Kelli C. Spangler MS, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Montgomery County Community College, will focus on Black Hole theories of evolution which are going through an evolution of their own.  With new data arriving regularly, astronomers have discovered conditions of the early universe that not only challenged theories of black holes but also stellar and galactic evolution.  This presentation will review the initial theories of and discuss the new data and theories of black hole evolution to explain inconsistencies that were, until now, unresolvable.

Kelli is a dynamic and engaging presenter; this presentation will certainly be both stimulating and enjoyable!

Kelli is a tenured faculty member at Montgomery County Community College where she has taught Physics and Astronomy for 13 years.  She received her BS in Astrophysics from Colgate University and MS in Physics from Drexel University.

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