September 6 Meeting: Share your “eclipse experiences.”

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Join us for our meeting to share your experiences with the “Great America” eclipse!
Following a brief review of our coming activities, we will devote our time to share our collective experiences with the eclipse. If you wish to share some brief highlights (no longer than 10 minutes please) describe the most interesting/memorable highlights of your “eclipse experience,” using maps, photos, souvenirs or whatever. We will start on the west coast and follow the progression of the eclipse  to the southeast.  We may even have a special prize for the best “hard luck” story.
Our meeting is open to anyone who has something special about the eclipse to share; it’s not restricted to members.
Meetings are held at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, 411 Susquehanna Road, Ambler, PA (19002) beginning at 7:30 pm. Look for the yellow and black signs.

Eclipse Web Links

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