Welcome to BMAA

The Bucks-Mont Astronomical Association is a s a group of amateur astronomers working together to improve astronomical knowledge and appreciation as well as observational and astrophotography skills. BMAA members are a varied group of individuals who share a curiosity about the sky. We make ourselves and our instruments available to promote public interest in astronomy. Contact us at – info@bma2.org

December 2: Astronomy Flea Market

Our December 2 meeting will feature a brief show-and-tell session followed by an ASTRONOMY FLEA MARKET of items such as telescopes, binoculars, telescope accessories, astrophotography equipment, tripods, mounts and books. Since we are cleaning out our closets, we don’t know exactly what items will turn up. Tables will be available

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November 4 Meeting: Share your 2015 Photographs

Our featured presentation will be sharing our 2015 astronomy-related photographs. All categories (nightscapes, solar, planetary, deep sky, etc.) and skill levels (beginner to expert) are welcome. We’ll view the photographs and hear about the techniques and equipment used to obtain them. The public is welcome to attend; bring your photographs

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October 7 Monthly Meeting: Black Holes!

October 7:   Our featured presentation is BLACK HOLES! Kelli C. Spangler MS, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Montgomery County Community College, will focus on Black Hole theories of evolution which are going through an evolution of their own.  With new data arriving regularly, astronomers have discovered conditions

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