August 5 Meeting

sextantOur featured presentation was given by Valentino Gonzales (LTC USAF- Master Navigator),  former director of the Imax Theater and Fels Planetarium-Franklin institute Science Museum. He described how celestial navigation works. It uses angular measurements (sights) between celestial bodies and the visible horizon to locate one’s position on the globe, on land as well as at sea.  Val demonstrated different types of sextants and explained how they are used. We also had sharing time for observing highlights, astrophotographs and observing experiences.

All our meetings are open to the public.  Meetings beginning at 7:30 pm at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, 411 Susquehanna Ave., Ambler, 19002. Look for the black and yellow BMA2 signs.

July 1 Telescope Clinic

We offered a telescope clinic that was open to the public. Several people brought a variety of telescopes, to have checked out. We were fortunate to have partial clearing in the west, and we did some observing of Venus and Jupiter, located close together in the sky.

All our meetings are open to the public. We shared observing highlights (including aurora sightings), astrophotographs and experiences. Our meetings beginning at 7:30 pm at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, 411 Susquehanna Ave., Ambler, 19002. Look for the black and yellow BMA2 signs.

BMAA at Pocono International Raceway on June 6th & 7th

Pocono 2015bBMAA was invited to participate in a solar event with NASA at the Pocono International Raceway on the weekend of June 6th & 7th. NASA visits some of the NASCAR tracks with a public outreach program called “Rockets to Racecars” which highlights some of the physics and developments involved in making the rockets and racecars go fast. Also highlighted at the event was the heliophysics division from Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland. At their request we provided live telescope viewing of the Sun during the pre-race event. Terry Park from BMAA was on hand with his wonderful Lunt solar scope giving folks impressive views of the solar prominences along the limb of the Sun. Dwight Dulsky was using a Thousand Oaks glass solar filter which showed off the sunspots on the solar surface. Working in tandem, folks were able to visit both telescopes and see some great features. Over the course of two days, we got the opportunity to talk to hundreds and hundreds of racefans who stopped by our scopes. A great big thank you to Carolyn Ng of NASA for the invite and our NASA/NASCAR liaison Bonny Murray for treating us like “rock stars” all during the weekend.


Pocono 2015 g

Terry Park and some NASCAR fans before the race

Pocono 2015e

Terry Park (center left) Dwight Dulsky (center right)

Solar Event on Earth Day at the Jarrett Nature Center in Horsham

April 25th  Earth Day Celebration at the Jarrett Nature Center in Horsham, PA
behind Hatboro-Horsham H.S. – Solar Event Sat 9:30am – 12:30pm

BMAA had a fun time at the 2015 Jarrett Nature Center annual Earth Day Event. Although the Sun was elusive most of the morning, we eventually got a few peeks in here and there before the event concluded. Remember: Never look directly at the Sun using telescopes or binoculars with our proper approved safe solar filters. Instant and permanent blindness can occur looking at the Sun through unfiltered optics.

4 25 2015 Earth Day at Jarrett Nature Center 1

Igor, Terry, Rodney, Lee, Gary & Dwight (not pictured) attended the solar event at Jarrett

4 25 2015 Earth Day at Jarrett Nature Center 2

Hydrogen Alpha and White Light solar filters were used to see various features on the Sun.